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Welcome to Medtouragency 

If you are a healthcare professional, travel blogger, or experienced in medical tourism or medical treatment worldwide and want to share content on medical tourism, health, and well-being, we would love to hear from you. We always look for original, informative, researched, and well-written content to help our readers. 

Why Write For Us?

  • Writing for us will allow you to share your expertise and insights with a broader audience. 
  • You will be able to showcase your knowledge and writing skills to a highly targeted and engaged audience interested in medical tourism. So you can help build your credibility and authority within the industry. 
  • Your articles will be reviewed by professionals, healthcare providers, and patients, allowing you to connect with and inspire others seeking information on medical tourism. 

If you are interested in writing for our blog, please follow these guidelines:

1. Topic: Choose a topic on medical tourism, health, and well-being. Some ideas can include the following: 

  • Tips for planning a medical tourism trip 
  • Reviews of specific hospitals or clinics 
  • Comparisons of healthcare systems in different countries 
  • The benefits of seeking medical treatment abroad 
  • Tips for finding reputable medical facilities and providers in other countries 
  • Health and well-being around the world 
  • Health tips or travel hacks  

2. Content Guidelines: Content should provide readers with a useful and exciting perspective ranging from health tips and advice to insightful information on various spheres of medical tourism. Note that we cannot accept content that is irrelevant to our website. 

3. Writing Style: Your writing should be engaging, informative, and educational. Our website is geared towards individuals considering or having already undergone medical treatment abroad. So, you need to write in a helpful and engaging way for the same audience. 

4. Length and Format: Articles should be at least 750 words long, written in highly readable English, and submitted as an MS Word document. 

5. Attachment: Use appropriate images and videos to support your article. If you have high-quality photos or videos that relate to your topic, feel free to include them. 

6. Editing: All pieces will be reviewed by our editors. Please make sure your submissions are free of spelling and grammatical errors. 

7. Rights: By submitting your article, you grant us the right to edit, publish, and distribute the article online and in print. 

Note that: Your submitted article published on Med Tour Agency cannot be published elsewhere. 

How To Write To Us?

To submit an article, please send us the article via email at contactmedtouragency [at] gmail.com with the subject “guest post,” along with a short bio. Send us any link to your website that we would like to add to the author bio section. We will review your article and get back to you as soon as possible with any feedback or requests for further information. 

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your insights and expertise with our audience. 

Thank you for your interest in medtouragency.com.