Vita Check-up Center


We are the Vita. One of the most completenhealth services in Brazil, with 20 years of experiencenand over 27,000 check-ups.nOur goal is to take care of our customers and enable them to live a happy life and carefree. For this, we are obstinate for quality and we value the principle of continuous improvement of our services.We present highly innovative Differentials That enable us to make a complete health diagnosis, such as emotional stress assessment, vaccination, genetic risk, and more sleep study. Thus, we customize our programs to meet the specific needs of each client.Our relationship does not end with clients When exams are delivered. This is just the beginning. We are at your disposal and we are Following you closely, as well as the mission of spreading the most knowledge about physical and emotional well-being through our networks and blog.


Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil