RTMC Medical


RTMC Medical, pride itself on 30 years of experience in the field of Medical Tourism, Bioengineering and Consultancy services and Project Management and supply in the medical industry.

We specialize in welcoming patients from all over the world to Israel to receive the best available medical treatment. Due to its high standard of health services, top-quality medical and technology research institutions, modern labs and hospital facilities equipped with the latest technologies, and world known doctors recognized in the international health community, Israel is a desired destination for patients who are seeking the best available medical services.

Our Goal is to combine a private practice experience with the benefit of providing full range of services, all tailored and personalized to our patient’s medical and personal needs, at the highest level of service and care and the utmost professional quality treatment available – all with a friendly, multi-lingual and highly trained staff in a comfortable environment.

We offer turnkey project management solutions to physicians, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, homecare services and integrated networks, in planning, designing, sourcing of equipment and technologies, installing and any other service needed for our client, in order to bring their vision to life. We expert in evaluating, planning, designing and executing both small and large healthcare projects with multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach and methodologies including the organizational, financial and technical aspects of the project.

Our Goal as a key player in the industry is to offer full range of services tailored to our client desire and needs within the project time-line and budget. We work with the client to best use his resources and fulfill the full potential of his project.
We assist our clients to deploy ‘Six Sigma’ as a quality management program to achieve ‘Six Sigma’ levels of quality.

Our company have vast experience in a medical supply, software and technologies provission. We serve the physician and the clinic market, hospitals, nursing homes, homecare services and integrated networks. Our mission is to provide the best quality and value in products for our customers.
We focuse on products , services and technologies, that cut costs, save time, improve operating efficiencies and increase outcomes and revenues.

Physician & Hospital Supplies, Instruments and Equipment
Laboratory Supplies, Instruments and Equipment
Diagnostic Supplies, Instruments and Equipment
Medical software


Haifa, Israel