R.k.Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center


R.K. Hospital offers a comprehensive range of infertility services under one roof, and our associated IVF Centre is known for innovation, integrity, medical and technical excellence, personalized service, and consistent willingness to accept patients facing the most difficult medical challenges. The center has all the facilities required to deliver a full range of services to couples requiring assistance conceiving. This ensures that patients are required to visit only one site for all stages of their diagnosis and treatments. We are focused on providing support to couples navigating the maze of infertility. We specialise in the area of IVF, ICSI, Embryo Donation, Egg Donation, natural infertility treatment, male infertility services, sperm banks, infertility support and drugs. We have been one of the pioneers in the techniques of ICSI, having done more than 2000 cycles with success rates reaching nearly 35% – 40%.


Udaipur, India