Mexstem Cells Clinic


We are a group of medical specialists in Cell Regeneration Therapy using Stem Cells, who for over 10 years we have researched and refined treatments Cell Regeneration and Regenerative medicine for therapeutic purposes.

During the past 10 years, we have treated thousands of patients using the most advanced cell therapy, providing a real solution for the treatment of diseases previously considered catastrophic, for which there were no viable alternatives, such as: wear joints and bones, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis.
Authors of various publications as:
+ The first book in Mexico Stem Cell Titled: Cell Therapy Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Editorial Alfil, 1st Edition 2009.

+ Histology practices, Editorial Bishop, 1st Edition 2007 Reference document in medical schools in Mexico and Spain

+ Human Pandemic Influenza AH1 N1. What you need to know about ellla. Editorial Alfil, 1st Edition 2009.

III. Members and founders of the International Society for Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Stem Cell and speakers at various international conferences for Regenerative Cell Therapy.


Mexico, Mexico