Irega IVF Clinic


We offer:Indidualized approach to treating infertility.Highest National standarts in infertility treatmentAdvanced infertility care, close to home.We are committed and percipient to your needs, IREGA IVF Clinic in Cancun is accomplished in some of the most outstanding IVF achievements in Mexico, including:First fertility center established in the Mexican CaribbeanFirst IVF baby created and born in the Mexican CaribbeanFirst PESA IVF babiesFirst vitrified egg babies created in the Mexican CaribbeanFirst egg bank in the Mexican CaribbeanFirst baby born from frozen eggs in the Mexican CaribbeanFirst baby born from donor sperm in the Mexican CaribbeanOur individual approach in giving infertility care is achieved by expert IVF specialists, Dr. Mayra Wendolee De la Garza and Dr. Adan Oliveros Ceballos, who have prime qualifications and international accreditations. It is their vision of providing high quality, comprehensive infertility treatments delivered with concern and tailored care that is the foundation of our fertility clinic.Our IREGA IVF Clinic of Cancun team has an all-inclusive range of infertility expertise and advanced treatments to provide you with the safest treatments in a cutting-edge, highly expedient facility—within the world-renowned lustrous Galenia hospital in Cancun.We are the only center that provides an IVF Warranty program that optimizes and greatly increase your chances of getting what you crave the most—a family.


Cancun, Mexico