Hospital Metropolitano


The Metropolitan Hospital a model that fully complies with its statements of SAFETY, QUALITY, ACCESSIBILITY, and INNOVATION.Dr. Roberto Herrera Guido is a Costa Rican doctor with a long history in private medicine in the country. His dedication for almost 20 years to the development of new forms of medical care has earned him important recognition both in our country and in international organizations.He and his brother, Javier, decided in 2008 to undertake the task of providing the country’s middle class – the majority of Costa Ricans – with a medical alternative that combined excellent service, impeccable quality, and an affordable price with the ability to the users. All of this coupled with a convenient location and a tremendous desire to innovate in health care and promotion programs.The initiative was echoed by the group of partners who gathered around a very solid business plan, led by Novita Capital. Between 2008 and 2009, market and planning studies were carried out aimed at finding the ideal hospital model that fully complied with the SAFETY, QUALITY, ACCESSIBILITY, and INNOVATION statements.Once established, operations as Hospital Metropolitano began in February 2010, and the first SURGERY was performed on Monday, February 8, 2010. In August 2010, just 6 months after opening, the MONTECRISTO GROUP assumed shareholding control from the centernwith a very clear financial vision and an already traditional feeling of social responsibility.nThis incorporation adds essential ingredients to Hospital Metropolitano to become the most successful Hospital in the country: operational experience and financial strength. GRUPO MONTECRISTO provides all the administrative and financial management in order for the Hospital to focus merely on its operation.In September 2012, the Tibás branch opened its doors, with the aim of strengthening the Hospital’s mission of reaching Costa Ricans in the fastest-growing urban areas of the country, to solve their basic medical needs. We are very pleased to announce that in 2015 we have been in operation for 5 years. Always providing the best medicine at the best price.Medical Tower “Salvador Herrera Paredes”, inaugurated in November 2013.nWith the growth and consolidation of Hospital Metropolitano as a nationally and internationally renowned medical center, the partners considered the acquisition of a Medical Tower opportune to reinforce this continuous growth of the institution. The medical tower is located adjacent to the facilities of the headquarters, being this a privileged and comfortable location for visitors to the Hospital.The Hospital Metropolitano signed a cooperation agreement with Sanford Health, a leading manager of health centers and one of the largest hospitals in the United States. This will allow us, among other things, to carry out clinical research, discussion of patient cases, access state-of-the-art diagnostic tests and treatments.Our hospitals have a highly qualified staff according to their area and specialty to provide our patients and families with the best quality and the best possible service at affordable prices to take care not only of your health but also your pocketbook.Our maternity plan, Metropolitan Baby, has been designed true to our promise to serve you with the best medicine at the best price. For this, we have complemented our outstanding group of health professionals with state-of-the-art equipment.Additionally, every baby born in the Metropolitan Hospital receives a MediSmart membership as a courtesy. Valid during the baby’s first year of life. Thanks to this medical plan, they will be able to have coverage for example up to 80% in appointments with the pediatrician, up to 50% in the medical services that the baby needs, and up to 10% in medicines.


San Jose, Costa Rica