Hospital General De Mexico


The origin of the General Hospital of Mexico dates back to February 5, 1905, the date on which
It is inaugurated, beginning an extraordinary stage in the development of Mexican medicine.
At that time, the hospital had a staff of 315 people. Since then, the Hospital over the years has experienced constant
regenerations, not only physically, but also with regard to technological equipment,
scientific, administrative, medical and care quality.
On October 3, 1906, the General Directorate of Public Welfare, approves the bases
general rules for the establishment of the School of Nursing of the General Hospital of Mexico and
was formally inaugurated on February 9, 1907. Shortly afterwards, the first
HGM Medical Society on February 7, 1908, headed by Doctors Eduardo
Liceaga and Fernando López as Honorary Presidents.


Cuahutemoc, Mexico