Herzliya Medical Center


Herzliya Medical Center (HMC) is a private hospital offering world class medical services. HMC has pioneered private medical services in Israel, and has been the first private hospital to perform complex surgeries such as heart surgeries, neurosurgeries, endoscopic procedures, among others. HMC was also the first private facility to utilize the CT scan, catheterization facilities, a cytogenetic laboratory, intensive care units, and even a psychiatric ward.

HMC was also first to have received full accreditation from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of USA, and for many years have remained the only one. HMC is fully authorized as well by the Ministry of Health to perform all surgeries and other complex medical procedures, and is the only private hospital that is licensed to do heart surgeries, kidney transplants and neurosurgeries.

A special department in the hospital is dedicated to assist foreign patients for their treatment in HMC. The department can make arrangements for the patient’s travel and accommodation needs. HMC is the only private hospital in Israel to allow direct payment from overseas insurance companies. For patients needing immediate treatments, HMC provides emergency air ambulatory services. For medical tourists, HMC can be reached through representative offices in Turkey and Russia. This department’s staffs are able to communicate across 14 different languages.

HMC has a bed capacity of 100, which are distributed in semi-private and private rooms across the hospital. 500 physicians make up the medical team of HMC, supported by 350 nurses and staff persons. At an average, HMC conducts over 10,000 surgeries annually, including about 400 open heart surgeries.


Herzliya, Israel