WHO WE AREWhen thinking about ophthalmology, think about a new concept of eye health. With two hospital units, Grupo H.Olhos has the most advanced vision care combined with humanized care, offering technologies compatible with the largest specialized centers in the world.All of this to take care of what really matters to us: you.Know:H. OOLHOS PAULISTAWith facilities that offer comfort and safety, H.Olhos Paulista is fully prepared to attend from consultations to complex surgeries.The structure of the H.Olhos Paulista consists of a surgical center and an examination center equipped with the latest in ophthalmic technology. In addition to inpatient units, 24-hour emergency room, low vision center, research center, amphitheater, and event center.But the benefits do not stop at the technological and medical apparatus!In order to offer easy access to all, the hospital is located one block from Paraíso do Metrô Station and close to Avenida Paulista.H. OLOS ABCOpened in 2018, the H.Olhos ABC is the first ophthalmological hospital in the region.The site has the latest equipment and serves different specialties to provide a service with the highest standard of excellence for patients. The structure of the H.Olhos ABC has an emergency room, an operating room, inpatient units, an exam center, and consulting rooms prepared to provide care for any ocular health-related event.Located in the center of São Bernardo do Campo, the H.Olhos ABC is close to the main bus and trolleybus lines that serve all cities in the region, aiming to offer easy access.


Sao Paulo, Brazil