Dra. Blanca Elena Ramírez


Dra. Blanca Elena Ramírez runs a private clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, together with Dr. Dolores Javier Sanchez Gonzalez. The clinic is located inside the San Javier Hospital, a modern, CSG accredited hospital.
The clinic offers stem cell therapy for a variety of chronic conditions, including: Autism, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Heart Disease, Blood Cancers and more.
The clinic offers full medical check-ups as well.

International Patients
Approximately 150 international patients are treated every year at the clinic, from Canada, USA, México, Europe and South America.

Accomodation Arrangements
The clinic provides a list of accommodations which the Medical Center has special rate agreement.

Insurance Coordination
If you have international insurance, please contact the clinic before your arrival , to inform you about the process of international insurance coverage.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico