Dr. Carlos Eduardo Alcocer Lamm


Dr. Carlos Alcocer Lamm is Medical Tourism Corporation’s network LASIK eye surgeon in Cancun. Mexico. Dr. Carlos is a graduate from medical school at Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City with honors. He did his specialty training and fellowship in Ophthalmic Pathology from Montreal, Canada. He is expert in VISX excimer laser system. He was among few of the surgeons who first worked with the custom vue, wave front technology, iris registration and presbyopia correction even before it was approved by FDA.

Memberships and Professional Affiliations:
Mexican Society of Ophthalmology
Mexican Academy of Ophthalmology
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
International Society of Refractive Surgery
LASIK Eye Surgeon in Cancun Interview
In the video he talks about his experience in LASIK eye surgery. My name is Dr. Carlos Alcocer Lamm. I did my medical schooling from Mexico city and then did my specialty in Canada. I did my internship in University of Miami and resident ship in Canada and later on I went to Mexico city for my fellowship in corneal and external diseases.

I’ve been working here for 6 to 7 years, got lots of experience. I belong to American society of Cataract surgery and American society of refractive and cataract surgery. My subspecialty is corneal and refractive surgery. Most of the patients in Cancun are from Europe, US and Mexico, lots of Canadian as well.

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