DDS Dental Costa Rica


DDS Dental clinic is located in San Jose, Escazu, in a convenient area close to tourist attractions. The clinic offers cutting-edge dental services following the ADA (American Dental Association) safety and hygiene standards.nRead below for more information about the services and techniques used at the DDS Dental clinic.n- ALL ON 6-5 and ALL ON 4-4 – is the most popular service provided at the DDS Dental clinic, that aims to reconstruct the patient’s mouth in case he/she has lost most of his/her teeth in one or both jaws. 6-5 and 4-4 represent the number of implants that are placed in the upper and lower jaws to make possible the artificial teeth insertion. Temporary dentures are placed while the implants are integrated into the bone. Four to six months after dental implants are placed supported fixed full bridges will be installed on each arch.nDr. Prada provides prosthodontic treatment, that involves crowns, bridges, dental veneers, and prostheses placement.n- Crowns are dental restoration devices used to replace damaged teeth and cover dental implants.n- Veneers represent fine shells that are placed over the damaged, fractured or discolored teeth to improve their aspect. It is possible to use a single veneer in case you want to improve the appearance of just one tooth or to cover all your teeth in case you want to create a “Hollywood” smile.n- Dental bridge is considered a fixed partial denture and is used to replace the missing teeth.n- Endodontic treatment is a procedure used to treat infection caused by bacteria at the root canal of the tooth. The signs that may follow with a root infection include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, tenderness to touch and chewing, swelling, drainage, and tenderness in the lymph nodes as well as nearby bone and gum tissues. n- Orthodontic therapy – is suitable for patients with malocclusions (incorrect bites) that result due to misalignment of the teeth or irregular placement of the jaws. Orthodontic treatments at the DDS Dental clinic are performed by Dr. Rolando Guzman and involve the following techniques: regular metal braces, Sapphire braces, and Invisalign®.n- Gum treatment – using connective tissue grafts, gingival grafts, and Alloderm® grafts. nOral and Maxillofacial procedures are carried out by Dr. Saenz, who performs the following procedures:n- Wisdom teeth extraction – is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. The procedure is recommended to prevent crooked teeth that may be caused due to wisdom teeth appearance. n- Orthognathic surgery is a procedure that aims to place the jaw in a proper and aesthetic position through the mobilization of the maxilla and mandible.n- Dental implants – is a surgical procedure that aims to install an artificial root into your jaw bone and cover it with a crown. The procedure is suitable for patients with missing teeth who want to retrieve the aspect and functionality of their teeth.


San Jose, Costa Rica