Clnica Fertilis Medicina Reproductiva


The Fertilis Reproductive Medicine Clinic has been operating in Sorocaba since 1994, having been the pioneer in the city to use treatments with Assisted Reproduction techniques. The first birth in the city, of a boy, through Fertilization “In Vitro”, also called “Baby Test Tube”, took place in July 1996. Since then we have celebrated the milestone of more than 4,000 children born, and several more are on my way. We were also the pioneers in the city to carry out treatments with ovodonation, semen bank and ICSI. We are equipped with the most modern in terms of Assisted Reproduction and we maintain exchanges with teachers and international services to improve our techniques. Our facilities follow the standards of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) for Bank of Cells and Germinative Tissues (BCTG) (RDC No. 23, OF MAY 27, 2011).


Vila Trujillo, Brazil