Clinica Odomed


Odomed Dental Clinic offers high-quality dental care in San Jose, Costa Rica. The clinic was founded in 2006 and has a team of highly-skilled professionals, who provide comprehensive and modern dental treatments and diagnostics. The doctors use the most cutting edge techniques to provide good and long-lasting results to their patients. The clinic is accredited with the following organizations: – ADA – American Dental Association – Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica – Dental XP – Asociación Odontologica Colombiana de Implantes – Federacion Odontologica Colombiana. Below you may find information about the treatments and techniques that are used at Odomed Dental Clinic. – Dental Implants – are suitable for patients with one or more missing teeth and involve placing an artificial dental root into your gum, that will be covered with a permanent crown once the gum is healed. If the tooth has been lost a long time ago, then it will be necessary to perform bone grafting. – Cosmetic Dentistry – is a treatment that aims to improve the color, size, position, and other unaesthetic characteristics of your teeth, and make your smile more appealing. To modify the aspect of your teeth, the doctors will use such materials as resins, veneers, inlays-onlays, and porcelain crowns. – Oral Surgery – is the field of dentistry that aims to correct problems related to the third molars, deficiency in size of the teeth, position, and stability of the oral mucosa, tongue, gums, bone, or teeth that are not within normal functionality parameters. – Oral Pathology – is the specialty that identifies and treats any type of injury or disease of the oral cavity. Before the treatment, it will be required to undergo a procedure that is called “biopsy”, to identify the underlying disease. – Teeth Whitening – is a treatment that aims to retrieve the glitter of your smile. For teeth whitening, doctors use a system with two simultaneous light emissions that allow having excellent results without dental sensitivity. – Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment, involves removing the damaged pulp tissue from the affected tooth and covering the canal space with a special filling material.The following types of root canal treatment are available: 1. Single-rooted endodontic treatment is performed when a single tooth is affected. The tooth has one root and a single pulp canal. 2. Birradicular endodontic treatment is carried out on a tooth that has one or two roots and two pulp canals. 3. Multirooted endodontic treatment is carried out on a tooth that has two or more roots and therefore several pulp canals. – Orthodontic procedures involve correcting the position of misplaced teeth through fixed orthodontic appliances (braces). The doctors use the following types of orthodontic devices: a) Invisalign b) Sapphire Crystal c) Traditional


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