Clinica Hospital Angel Del Mar


Angel del Mar Medical Clinic, is a Medical-Surgical Hospital Clinic, offering Private Medical Assistance, Emergency Services and the other specialties provided with exelence and care, as well as the  laboratory services contributing to the timely diagnosis. Our efforts are directed at solving the deep-rooted problems of health in our own facilities designed for it.Legally constituted on February 28, 2007, opened its doors on June 1 of the same year, thanks to the hope of creating a concept of quality in private health in order to offer hospital care services, to all the inhabitants of the Costa Region of our state of Oaxaca, but mainly in Puerto Escondido. We comply with the high quality standards, making a new way of offering hospital services.Our goal is to maintaining a constant expansion and the purpose of offering services of the highest quality to patients and doctors who make use of the services of the Hospital Clinic, in March of 2011 it is finished building and the different areas with higher technology equipment.


Puerto Escondido, Mexico