Clinica Fertilite Mexico


FERTILITE is a unique institution based on four cardinal principles of medical service: Excellence, Expertise, Integrity and Care. The directors at FERTILITE saw the need to develop a Fertility and Advanced Reproductive Technology Program with a simple vision in mind: Make the hope of having a child affordable to infertile couples, by providing the best care at an affordable cost in a friendly and compassionate environment. That is why we set out to put at your service a full array of services in a responsive and efficient manner by a dedicated and caring staff. We are proud to provide all the services and infertility technology available worldwide here in Tijuana in a single office setting. Because we are an office-based facility, we are able to provide this technology at far lower cost. We have accomplished this mission and we will continue to provide the very best care at the most affordable cost to meet our patients’ needs. Our center is dedicated to “add life to your dreams…..”


Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico