Centre For Human Reproduction


It is with great joy that since 1988 we have been helping to create miracles every day. There are more than 6,000 babies born with our help.The most experienced specialists in the country, doctors, embryologists, clinical nurses, and technicians. Modern laboratories that allow high-quality control standards and the most advanced technological equipment available. We have adopted strict internal quality control clinical protocols for all procedures performed at the clinic.Here you have completed specialist care, from diagnosis to infertility treatment, with doctors who meet and discuss your case all the time. There is no attendance of one professional, there is, therefore, the sum of several experiences. A truly humanized service, with professionals at your disposal and real-time information. Welcome, comfort and safety that goes from your first appointment and beyond the result of Beta HCG.Regardless of your situation, our team will develop a personalized therapy where the efficiency of the treatments and the cost-effectiveness of each will be widely discussed with you. These methods may involve ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (artificial insemination), in vitro fertilization (Super-ICSI), PGD (Embryonic Genetic Diagnosis), gamete and embryo donation, surrogacy (surrogacy), fertility cryopreservation, embryo, egg, and semen freezing, among other assisted reproduction techniques.


Alto da Boa Vista, Brazil