Antiaging Group Barcelona


At Antiaging Group Barcelona we position ourselves as a leading clinic in avant-garde and effective techniques, based on the use of cutting-edge technologies in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery, which provide solutions to aesthetic problems, but also congenital or hereditary.

We are endorsed by the years of experience of our professionals, experts in different techniques of surgery and advanced aesthetic medina, led by Dr. Jesús Benito Ruiz, renowned plastic surgeon and authority in various national and international scientific societies, which are evidence of the quality and safety in the different aesthetic medicine and surgery treatments offered at Antiaging Group Barcelona. Antiaging Group Barcelona team has a solid medical and surgical background in the hospital environment, which ensures that the medical and cosmetic surgery treatments offered are backed by their experience and scientifically proven.

In short, we have specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine and, in addition, a team of professional collaborators who are experts in nutrition and ultrasonography imaging to make treatment a complete experience in the search for well-being.


Barcelona, Spain