Advancells is a research-oriented company, focussed on offering authentic, high-quality primary cells including stem cells for research studies, stem cell therapy, preclinical analysis, and even as in vitro tools for clinical research.

We wish to be a part of the developmental preclinical studies for consistently improvising our protocols, pertaining to better isolation of stem cells with minimum manipulation of their genetic and epigenetic signatures.

We have established a robust quality management system by following all the guidelines to be compliant with GLP standards. All the SOPs related to the procedures, system, quality control as well as quality assessments are in place and are in compliance with the GLP/GMP standards. All the raw materials purchased for the development of specific stem cells and other primary cells are of GLP/GMP standard; and are well documented. We have identified the vast therapeutic potential exhibited by stem cells, which can be effectively utilized to treat a variety of ailments that are presently categorized as “Incurable”. We strive to be the leaders in bringing the modern translational medicine, combined with other supplementary natural therapies as a “Mainstream Personalized Treatment Module”.

In our journey towards being the best among cellular medicine providers, we welcome you to go through our vast literature on stem cells and how they are shaping up the future of modern medicine. We would also like you to visit our testimonial page to know more about our extended family, who have not only shown faith in science and technology but also on our promise of providing a healthy life.


Noida, India