100 Pasos Podiatry


100 Pasos is an official health establishment specialized in the foot. We have what is necessary so that the citizens of Toledo and its surroundings can enjoy the best and most accessible treatments.

podologo_deportivo_toledoWe are expert podiatrists in sports medicine; accepting the challenges that this entails both for professionals and for the athlete who is accompanied until their sport improvement.
And the attention to the growth of the smallest of the house (pediatrics) is also our other strong point.

Our main objective is to help people to keep moving , to regain their life and usual dynamism. But always with your feet on the ground, which is where they need to be. Always as far as possible and from scientific honesty: knowing that there are limitations and accepting them.

We work passionately for the operation and evolution of that great work of natural engineering that is the foot and what allows the human being to be and to do: human walking , moving, relating, working, dancing, climbing mountains, tightrope walking. lazy, swimming, playing soccer, …

For this we put knowledge, techniques, and technologies from various sources at the service of our mission to achieve it.


Toledo, Spain